About Us


Flour+Tea was born from a concept of wanting to share the best tea Asia has to offer in conjunction with a fusion bakery obsessed with perfection.

Starting a location on 238 S. Arroyo Parkway we decided to follow the Taiwanese tradition of  chiffon style sweets as well as breads both sweet and savory.

Our tea selections range from the finest of the Phoenix grades to the fun flavored mixes with boba. Whether you are a tea guru or a bobaholic, we have exactly what you crave.


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In 2015 we decided to add Poké to our list of family offerings. Starting a new location on 99 S. Lake Avenue ,we searched for the best chef we could find. Teaming with Chef Jay ,who is an expert with cutting and preparing fish and the writer of, “Jay Eats Worldwide”, we decided on a classic approach to Poké that cannot be found outside of Hawaii. Our selection includes everything from Ahi Tuna, to Albacore, salmon, crab and a wide variety of sides and other main choices. Come share and enjoy our passion with us!